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We'll be featuring a variety of blog posts and articles related to LGBTQ business topics and the world of new media (YouTube, podcasts, blogs and more).

LGBTQ Social Media Topics

We'll also be featuring blog posts and articles related to some of the latest in cutting-edge LGBTQ social media topics, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

LGBTQ+ PopOn - Virtual Marketing Advisory Group

Learn More We invite you to take a look at how LGBTQ+ PopUp has evolved, with the newly renamed LGBTQ+ PopOn. We've had an amazing response to this LGBTQ+ Virtual Advisory Group from our initial posts online via social media. We've been brainstorming as to how to incorporate everyone who has shown interest into our Virtual Advisory Group without it becoming too large and unwieldy. Our thoughts are that we have an ultimate goal of creating strong sub-groups (Specialist Circles) in the future, focused on travel, sports, finance, etc., as well as regionally. If you're a professional in the world of LGBTQ+ advertising, marketing, social media, PR and new media, we would like to invite you to be a part of this as well.


LGBTQ+ Connected TV Advertising

Learn More More people than ever have cut the cord and are watching television on Internet connected TVs. That includes Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Sling, Samsung TV, and more. To date, there are over 400M connected TVs in 80% of US homes. LGBTQ streaming television leaders are emerging, such as Revry TV. With technology today, you can reach your targeted LGBTQ audience across Revry, as well as almost all other Connected TV channels, which include CNN, Bravo, Logo, Food Network, HGTV and more. Those same advertising opportunities we offer via hyper-targeted banner advertising, mobile advertising & social media marketing, are now available in targeting your audience on Connected TVs as well.


LGBTQ Tourism Marketing Summary 2019

Learn More This summer, we've had the opportunity to work on some incredible LGBTQ tourism-focused campaigns, utilizing the full range of our capabilities, from hyper-targeting LGBTQ travelers living in specific parts of the world and wishing to travel to our client's destinations, to influencer and #ILoveGay marketing programs, leveraging strong content and the power of social media to spread our client's messages far and wide while still targeting LGBTQ travelers.


Client Summary: Disney Music Group's Out Artist Morgxn

Learn More We recently had the opportunity to work with the team at Hollywood Records, which is part of the Disney Music Group, to promote some of their LGBTQ music artists for the Pride 2019 season. The goal was stronger awareness of both their LGBTQ musical artists, and their Pride 2019 performance schedule all throughout the US.


LGBTQ Week NYC 2019

Learn More With all of the excitement coming to New York City in 2019 with World Pride and the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, we are pleased to announce that LGBT Week NYC will be held June 17-28, 2019, over a 2-week period, as an official partner of #WorldPride2019!


Our Pink Media Partner: Brkthru Digital

Learn More Over the years, we've had the opportunity to work with some incredible partners along the way. In the world of programmatic, digital ad buying, we were doing this in-house successfully for a number of years, but after we met Jeff Hastedt and his team from Brkthru Digital, we realized we had A LOT to learn about how to take hyper-targeting of the LGBTQ consumer via banner ads to a whole, new level!


LGBTQ Media - Power, Performance & Perception

Learn More A lot has evolved over the years when it comes to LGBTQ online media. In this blog post, we take a deeper dive into the evolution of website traffic and where it comes from, ranging from bookmarked links to search to social media. We also explore social media engagement and how it relates to visibility across the various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Malta LGBT+ Tourism Conference 2018

Learn More Pink Media was proud to be a part of, and support, the first LGBT+ Tourism Summit in Malta, which attracted the participation of the country's Minister for European Affairs and Equality, the Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli. International experts discussed market developments, new marketing strategies and the economic prospects for Malta, the top-rated country on the ILGA Europe Rainbow Map and Index 2018. The Malta Tourism Authority worked together with ITB Berlin to present the educational event and featured presentations from several IGLTA members, such as Barcelona Turisme, Community Marketing & Insights and Gen C Traveller.


Some Pink Media Excerpts from our Brand | Pride Interview

Learn More We recently contributed to an interview in Business Equality Magazine on behalf of the partnership we're a part of with Brand | Pride. The following are some excerpts from that interview that shine a spotlight on some of the unique things we're doing here at Pink Media and the #ILoveGay Network.


Our Pink Media Interview in BEQ Magazine

Learn More Pink Media connects with LGBTQ consumers... helps companies look beyond marketing metrics and see the people behind the numbers to reach LGBTQ consumers.


T-Mobile goes all out for Pride

Learn More As Pride Month comes to an end, the slew of marches, celebrations, and events that commemorate the progress made by the LGBT community in pursuit of equality, as well as challenges of the past and those to come, slowly leave the calendar. Many brands and corporations have progressively played a more prominent role in the organization and sponsoring of such events as the years have gone by. This has not been without controversy, as many in the LGBT community worry if the role of corporate sponsors in Pride events has led to a change in what Pride signifies for both LGBT persons and allies in the 21st century.


Comcast Flexes Its Integrated Marketing Muscles for San Franscisco Pride

Learn More After a successful San Francisco Pride in 2017, Comcast CA decided to come back to San Francisco Pride for 2018 with the ambitious plan of leveraging the different touch points that Comcast / Xfinity / NBC Universal had to offer.


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